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Rose clay has long been used in skincare products. It absorbs impurities such as oil and dirt, as well as provides gentle exfoliation, which can reduce puffiness. This soap is scented with the very mild fragrance of violets and roses of the English countryside, with hints of vanilla and musk. It’s appropriate for combination skin and moderate to dry skin.


Allergy note: This product is handmade in a facility that uses soy and tree nut oils. Please use caution if you are allergic to soy or tree nuts.

2 reviews for Rosy Cheeks

  1. Wendy Banks

    My review is 5 stars, because it is worth just that! The smell is refreshing, this soap lathers very nice, that it makes me excited to take a bath or shower! My skin is so soft that it makes me relaxed everytime! Gotta have more of this soap!

    • neatssoap

      Thanks, Wendy! I appreciate your recurring order.

  2. Candi Holyfield

    It is difficult to choose a favorite soap as I have loved every single one of Neat’s soaps I have used but I would say this is one of my favorites. It smells lovely, lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I have very sensitive skin and have truly been 100% impressed with Neat’s soaps. Thank you!

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