Free Fall


Free Fall may remind you of a skiing “trip” in your past. This layered bar has a fresh, clean smell reminiscent of that snowy winter trip or of a newly shaved man! A perfectly sized bar for your hand in the shower.


Allergy note: This product is handmade in a facility that uses soy and tree nut oils. Please use caution if you are allergic to soy or tree nuts.

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The story of this soap: I wanted to create another soap that would appeal to men, while also playing with color and pattern. I’m happy with the way this diagonal came out, and I added some of the blue into the white. I meant for the blue drops into the white to be smaller and easier to swirl, but the fragrance caused the soap to accelerate and that didn’t give me enough time to make swirls smaller. I love it because it does remind me of someone tumbling down the mountainside.

I didn’t decide until the last minute to add the cornflowers on the top, but I do love that botanical touch.


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