Berry Bash

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This soap smells so good that my cousin Little D wanted to eat it! His big sisters needed to be careful and keep their berry soap out of reach of a 2 year-old’s hands! Fortunately, now he’s a big boy and knows better than to eat soap. No matter how good it smells!


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2 reviews for Berry Bash

  1. Candi Holyfield

    My teenagers LOVE this soap. It smells delicious (literally) and they love how soft their skin feels after using this soap. Honestly, every soap I have purchased from Neat’s Soap store has been a hit at my house! Love it!

  2. Jeannine (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful soap — a work of art! I bought it as a gift and then didn’t want to give it away. I compromised by keeping it in my sock drawer until I was gifting it so that I got to enjoy the beautiful design and wonderful aroma!

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