Where Does the Inspiration Come From?

This week, I would say it comes from Frank Lloyd Wright. I recently visited his home, Taliesin, in Wisconsin. I’ve never been a huge fan because I have a very different aesthetic than I thought FLW did. But I found a lot of inspiration through his architecture and his thought to detail in natural settings.

Frank Lloyd Wright was adamant that his buildings belong to the surroundings. He built buildings in horizontal lines that flowed into the landscape around them. This is very interesting to me and really pretty awesome when you think about it. He didn’t lose landscape in order to build buildings, he built the buildings to snuggle into the landscape. He said that he built for the present in natural surroundings and created problems for the future to solve. 

This is actually an issue because nature is always changing. Trees have grown and died and needed to be trimmed back or cut down in order to preserve his work. It makes me think: people are always acting in ways that will create problems for the future to solve. Our founding fathers knew that slavery was an issue when they declared independence from England. By the time it became a national crisis, they were gone, and over a century later and many generations later, we’re still working out how to resolve this issue. 

Ecology is another example. For many decades we took no notice of the damage we were doing to the environment. Now that we’re finally taking action, it will take decades more to solve for the issues already caused. I would love for the USA to become a zero waste nation. I work at hard at recycling and it definitely pains me when I see recyclable items thrown away. 

This is another reason making soap appeals to me. It’s useful, usable and consumable. I use water to clean my materials when I finish using them, but if I wait a day for the new soap to fully saponify, I can clean my equipment with the same material that made them dirty in the first place! 

But I digress.
Inspiration comes from anywhere. I believe that my recent trip to Taliesin has changed the way I view architectural elements for good. I can tell that I see the world differently just from that slight shift in perspective. It’s moving that kaleidoscope just a smidge and seeing a completely different picture. 

Look for that in some of my future soaps.

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