I Started Making Soap By Accident

I never set out to start a business selling my soap. It happened through a series of circumstances. I used to use a beautiful olive oil and Vitamin E soap from a northern New England manufacturer of natural body care products. Sometime in 2017, I could no longer get this product. When I wrote to the company (once you get to know me better you won’t be surprised by this!) they responded that the soap was on “indefinite backorder.” Sigh.

I followed up with the company later that year, but had no joy. I tried buying it on the internet and couldn’t find it anywhere! This is the point at which I decided I would make my own.

At first, I tried my hand at melt and pour soap. You can buy a base, which means that someone else has already created a scent-free, color-free soap. It can be melted in the microwave and you add your own color and scent. That was okay, and for some soap makers it’s the end product. It was certainly better than the detergent we buy commercially. More on commercial soaps in a later post. Since I had already been doing the research, I decided to try my hand at making cold process soap. Also a later post.

My first batch wasn’t so much a mess as a poor representation of what I wanted. I thought for sure I had ruined the whole batch. It smelled nice, but the color was completely off. It awful and I couldn’t figure out where I went wrong. I set it out to cure for several weeks rather than throw it away, and then basically forgot about it. A series of personal issues prevented me from even remembering to look at it for a good six weeks.

One weekend morning my husband and I were sitting at the table when my 20something son came traipsing through the kitchen in his boxers mumbling something about needing more soap. As he made to leave the room, it finally dawned on me what he was talking about. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Wait! Andrew, what?
Andrew: I need more soap.
Me (whipping my head around to look at the soap bars I had left to cure on the bakers rack): You’ve been using it?!
Andrew (now thinking he’s in trouble): Yeah….was I not supposed to?
Me (smiling big by this time): So…how is it?

Thus began my latest love affair.
With soap.
Who would’ve thought?!

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