2020. Who thought we’d be where we are at this point in the year?

There’s a lot going on in the world these days, but not a lot going on in our lives. My plans for this year are mostly not going to happen. I’m probably not going to do most (any?) of the shows I had planned to do this year. I’m not going to Switzerland, Italy or Belgium as planned. I’m probably not going to have a big celebration for my big birthday later in the year.

What am I doing? I’m getting used to having a new co-worker at home; my husband Bob. I’m working. A lot. And I’m very thankful that I have a job. I’m thankful that my kids have jobs. I’m grateful to the essential workers at the grocery store who bring my orders out and put them in the back of the car for me. I’m grateful for police and firefighters, doctors and nurses, and other hospital personnel who are figuring out how to operate in our new normal world. I’m so fortunate that I have enough food, enough money to buy it, and can pay my bills. I’m fortunate to have a park outside my backyard gate so that I can walk outside and a covered back porch where I can work sometimes when the birds aren’t too noisy.

I think it’s important to stay busy and I certainly am doing that. Making soap feeds my soul and I’m trying to find enough time to have all those good feels. I hope you’re also able to find some good in this strange, surreal world in which we find ourselves.