Here’s to better things ahead!

I’ve now had my first show of 2021 and it felt so great! I wasn’t expecting a lot, so I set my sights really low, but the show was wonderful, the engagement was fabulous and I was able to talk to so many people interested in what they put on their bodies that it did my heart good.

One thing that was different about this show was that a lot of people were very interested in hand soap. I guess because of covid and since we’ve all be washing our hands perhaps much more than we did in the past, many people wanted to know what the best soap is for hand washing. Well, I’ll tell ya. As I told them.

The kind of soap you use to wash your hands really doesn’t matter. Soap doesn’t kill the germs. It really doesn’t need to. It sticks to them and they slide off you and go down the drain with the soap. I know that a lot of us appreciate anti-bacterial soap, but a year and a half of washing your hands with that stuff and it’s gonna sting. I just cannot do it. If I’m in a public bathroom and they have anti-bacterial soap, it literally hurts. I always carry lotion in my purse for those occasions so that I can put it on after and can almost hear my hands saying “ahhhhhh!”

What I will say is that you should wash your hands with whatever soap is most comfortable for you. Soap cleans. Fancy soap cleans. Ugly soap cleans. Bits and pieces of soap will clean your hands. If you really want some very cleansing soap, then you just may want to follow it up with a smidge of lotion so your skin doesn’t get too dry. But no matter what type of soap you use, you’ll be cleaning your hands.

Let’s keep our hands to ourselves and wash them regularly!